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Battery Widget Charge Level %


Battery Widget is an elegant 1x1 widget which helps you monitor your battery level status and boost battery life through several powerful features:- Battery Percentage Monitor: Beautiful widget depicting the animated battery charge level on your home screen.- Battery Booster: Battery Widget reports on which apps are draining your battery so you can force close or uninstall high-draining apps for better battery life.- Find Better Apps: Use Battery Widget's feature to discover better apps that are trending in popularity AND won't drain your battery as fast.- System Toggle Controller: Quick access to device settings such as WiFi, screen brightness, GPS, and more. You can adjust the toggles to extend battery life.- Automatic Battery Alerts: Notifies you of critical battery performance issues such as high battery drain rates, high battery temperature spikes, and high background resource consumption.
========================Feature Overview:- Battery level indicator on status bar. Option to show colors in 3 configurable level ranges (Android 4.4 and below).- Toggle screen brightness, screen time, WiFi, data, vibration, volume, Bluetooth, sync, screen rotation, airplane mode, and GPS- Alerts for various battery statuses- Time information when device is plugged/unplugged- Option to disable charging animation- Option to show temperature in Fahrenheit- Various indicator icon styles- App recommendations that are better for your battery life
If space is unavailable on your home screen, a battery level indicator on the status bar is available and visible at all times.
For Android 4.4 and below:
- Battery level indicator on the status bar can be customized to show 3 different colors to reflect high/medium/low battery levels.
Available in multiple languages: English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Hungarian, Estonian, Turkish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Catalan, Dutch, Ukrainian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Indonesian, and Thai.
Please email us ( if you would like to help localize Battery Widget.
Important Notes========================
- Make sure that Battery Widget is excluded in any task killer programs; it might fail to work properly otherwise.- Due to the limitation of the Android platform, homescreen widgets will NOT be available if Battery Widget is moved to SD card.- Some devices indicate battery level every 10% due to their kernel design (known ones are: most Motorola devices including Droid and Atrix series, Samsung Moment series).- In Android 4.0, the system may shrink and dim level indicator icons in status bar.- Receive community-powered battery reports that compare and analyze the battery usage of popular apps- The permissions are required to allow you to easily control your device settings and optimize your battery directly from within the widget (Battery Widget). By having Battery Widget running, you’ll be contributing app performance data anonymously to the Battery Community, thereby helping other community members and app developers improve their Android battery performance.
Please add Battery Widget to your home screen with the general methods below:
Method 1: Press Home button followed by Menu button. Select Add → Widgets → Battery Widget.Method 2:Press Home button to show the home screen. Tap and hold your finger on any available space, select Widgets → Battery Widget.
Procedures to add widgets on home screen might be different in devices from various manufacturers with their custom user interfaces.